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  • Self-enquiry — (also spelled self inquiry) (Sanskrit IAST|ātma vicāra ) is a practice of meditation designed to rapidly bring about Self realization, Self awareness, spiritual liberation or enlightenment, and is most commonly associated with its most famous… …   Wikipedia

  • Self access language learning centers — are educational facilities designed for student learning that is at least partially, if not fully self directed. Students have access to resources ranging from photocopied exercises with answer keys to computer software for language learning.… …   Wikipedia

  • Self (philosophy) — Self is broadly defined as the essential qualities that make a person distinct from all others. The task in philosophy is defining what these qualities are, and there have been a number of different approaches. The self is the idea of a unified… …   Wikipedia

  • Self-creation cosmology — (SCC) theories are gravitational theories in which the mass of the universe is created out of its self contained gravitational and scalar fields, as opposed to the theory of continuous creation cosmology or the steady state theory which depend on …   Wikipedia

  • Self-focusing — is a non linear optical process induced by the change in refractive index of materials exposed to intense electromagnetic radiation. [Cumberbatch, E. Self focusing in Non linear optics , J. Inst. Maths Applics 6, 250 (1970)] Mourou, G. A. et al.… …   Wikipedia

  • Self-neglect — is a behavioural condition in which an individual neglects to attend to their basic needs, such as personal hygiene, appropriate clothing, feeding, or tending appropriately to any medical conditions they have.… …   Wikipedia

  • Centre technique PSA de Vélizy — Centre de Design PSA de Vélizy Localisation Situation Vélizy Villacoublay, Île de France  France Coordonnées …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Centre D'accueil De Demandeurs D'asile — en France Pour les articles homonymes, voir CADA …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Centre d'accueil de demandeurs d'asile — en France Pour les articles homonymes, voir CADA …   Wikipédia en Français

  • self-access — UK US noun [uncountable] a way of learning in which students choose their own books and other materials and study by themselves Thesaurus: relating to learning and the process of learninghyponym knowing and knowing about somethingsynonym * * *… …   Useful english dictionary

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